Wilted Wine

With a look of concern

he spotted a wilting rose

he vowed to bring it

back to bloom


Morning, noons and nights

he spent caring for it

protecting it

letting it rediscover life


The winter had passed

and when the new spring arrived

the blooming rose stood

full of zeist


Looking at it

full of pride

his eyes shone

he felt god


Then, in one single motion

he plucked the rose

from the ground,

away from its very roots


It lay

on the sideways

where it had bloomed twice.

Now, lifeless..


Bisected Binary


Life is so strange..

Or maybe we are..

I wish I were in my mother’s womb for 18 months..

We are all born half boiled and all our life we constantly look to get full boiled..

some day you’ll understand..

take care my co-half boiled..


The questions

that haunt me


as they hit a wall

and bounce back

as empty words


The voice

from my throat

dies down

as it gets lost

in a vacuumed space

Blemished Blue

I watch as the blood trickles down my hand

drop by drop

falling unto the blue durried* floor

staining, seeping into it..

a pool has now formed

its crystal red surface


the moon & the sky

through the roofless confines

of the four walls I’m bound in

The chill in the wind creeps up

sending me the hope of peace at last

in the form of dark, glistening death

whom i now lie

face to face with…

The shrill voice of the doorbell

rouses me from sleep

When he arrives

A bloodied dagger in his hand

The stains on the durrie disappear

But the marks on my hand

still remain..



*durry- Indian rug

Can you?

Can you look at me
With smile crinkling
The corners of ur eyes?

Can you look at me
Like I am your princess
And will always be?

Can you look at me
Like I am the light of your life
And the only one so?

Can you look at me
With joy and pride
With love and care?

Can you let me look at you
With love in my eyes
Without the burden of guilt or pain?

Can you look at me
Without anger
And disappointment in your eyes

Can you let me be,
Let me be your girl
The twinkle of your eye?

Just this once, daddy
For the final time
Before the light is out
And everything fades away..

Between Both

Black & White, White & Black

and the spaces in between..


Click clack on a keyboard

and the silences in between..


Words, lines, conversations

and the pauses in between..


Fast running thoughts

and the lapses in between..


So much that’s been said

and the unspoken in between..


Who are you? Who am I?

& why the meaningless causes in between?


Random Rant

Sapped energies,

lowliness in mood,

a general frustration with things around

having seeped in..

Lying with my back on

the cold hard floor, legs perched

atop the bedstead,

under the slow rotating fan

sweat evaporating and reappearing

– a circle of its own


thoughts just run akin

to the super-fast MMTS

or crowded trams of huge metros..

at super-fast speed and

superbly overcrowded..

making no sense as they

enter and leave..


sometimes reaching

their ordained destination..

and other times alighting

at an unknown destination

in the flow of

the moving out crowd

-no amount of resistance can work..

What Am I?

I, a lone wanderer on the land… The ground beneath me morphing from solid earth.. A quicksand pulls me.. Taking me in itself.. Trapping every inch of my body, my skin & my soul.. Till I’m totally submerged.. That too is changing..

Into the sea I wander now that earth remains no longer mine.. The waves, gentle, soothe me, caress me.. But the moon-the moon having borne the loss of earth too, no longer could hold on to the orbit.. The waves no more in control, grow wild with rage..Hurting me..Washing me away with a strong current.. Until i’m totally ripped apart..

What am I now?

A discarded portion of the earth or a part of the raging waves of the sea? or the pain of loss of the moon? or the longing of the orbit? Or the space that connects this all & nothingness?

Or… the nothingness itself??

Whispers and Waves

Know any place where there is nobody around for miles and miles in any direction which you look?? where you can scream at the top of your lungs and there’s nothing but wind which whispers back soothingly.. where you shout and let all that you hold within yourself spill out along with your tears…Anywhere close to the nature..

Sea’s the best.. you see, it never reacts, whether you pelt stones at it or hurl abuses..It only lets your tears drown in it along with your sorrow, anger, frustations, turbulations and cries .And you’re never left alone, ever again..anything you bring along, it lets you mingle with it, become one as it embraces you, irrespective of the vengeance, spite, hatred you carry.. Pulling you into a state of ultimate, deep rooted peace..

Now I drift in the waves..my hair floating around.. And  I can hear them, my brothers from within the womb of sea, call out to me.. their voices seep in and out along with the waves.. like the distant echoes superimposed .. with the sounds of lapping, gentle waves.. and the whispers of the wind..